Isobel Amada Sanchez

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November 2007

Guess Who Is Two

My friend Moon Bounce came to my party. Hello Moon Bounce!

This is Moon Bounce.

I'm always careful Mom.

I'm always careful Mom.

This really does a number
on my hair you guys.

Nobody gets air like me!

Wow Timmy, that was fantastic!

Okay Grandma, watch this next one.

Legs together, a 10 landing, Yes!

Check out my one leg flip.

I promise. Just one more Moon Bounce.

I could do this all night.

I could do this all night too.

Bye Bye Moon Bounce!

Watch me cream the
pinata Mom.

Nuts! Strike one.

I think one more hit will do it.

Yes sir, that's a good hit.

Look! There's candy inside!

Everybody grab some.

You say there are toys in that straw?.

Well, there was until the big kids took them all

When it was dark we went inside for cake.

Momma lit up all the candles.

Everybody sang Happy Birthday to me. Ouch!

Then Mom, my friends, and I blew out the candles.

Now that was a Great Party!

The party yesterday was fun.
Let's check out the toys.

I've got Thomas' Friend Emily.
We can stop now.

Okay Papi.
We'll open one for you.

This is a very serious condition Papi.

I think I'll prescribe 6 M&M's 9 times a day

Well. Got to go now. Papi and I need to play.

Special thanks to Mike Lefebvre for use of the outdoor party pictures. All the good shots are his.

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