Caribbean Cruise - November 2006

Alas, the memories of our Thanksgiving cruise are almost faded. I wish I had taken more photos. I could have gotten a shot of the sandless beaches of Cozamel that were stripped of sand by a hurricane. Sandy should have taken some pictures of the ship infirmary, a place she visited three times with her mother due to some nasty falls. We all would have liked at least one picture from Grand Cayman, but rough seas kept us completely out of that port. What a shame, almost no pictures of my final cruise.

Belize. A great start Photo

Belize. A great start

Diving with the sting rays Photo

Diving with the sting rays?

Our hotel, Explorer of the Seas Photo

Our hotel, Explorer of the Seas

Docking at Costa Maya Photo

Docking at Costa Maya

 Mayan ruins excursion Photo

Mayan ruins excursion

Lots of cool rocks Photo

Lots of cool rocks

Top of Government building Photo

Victor and Isa at top
of Government building

Court yard below Photo

Sandy,GGMB, and
Angie in court yard below

City square Photo

City square

Source of first red die Photo

Ryan at source of first red die

Temple Photo


Steep stairs Photo

Steep stairs make
you bow or stop

Park sign Photo

How is your Spanish

Traffic jam Photo

Traffic jam on way back to ship

Exit bus Photo

Everybody off the bus

Closed highway Photo

Land owners closed highway

Closed highway  Photo

Not paid for land

News crew Photo

News crew wants to know

News crew Photo

How Cuban-Americans
view conflict

Walk to bus  Photo

But Sandy just wants out of there

Walk to bus  Photo

Long walk to bus on
other side of road block

Walk to bus  Photo

But we will make it

Cozumel Photo

Cozumel- Excursions
cancelled due to rough water

Cozumel beach Photo

So we enjoy the "lovely?" beaches

Cozumel beach Photo

Lovely beach?

Grand Cayman port closed

This all we saw

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